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Accuracy of Bearing estimation FOR RADIO SOURCE WITH NON-Uniform SPectrum Structure in Analyzed BandWiDth of Passive Location System


T. Ya. Shevgunov 1, A. V. Dubrovin 2

1 Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)



The paper is received on January 14, 2014


Abstract. This paper deals with the angle-of-arrival passive location system consisting of mutually coherent circular antenna arrays implementing one-step maximum likelihood based estimation procedure. The question raised in the present paper is accuracy degradation due to the arbitrary positions of spectral components in the locator receiver bandwidth in comparison with Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for the case of Gaussian random radio emission. The well-known expression of angle estimator accuracy in the case of band-uniform spectrum is compared to the results obtained by the numerical statistical modeling; this allows one to evaluate the deterioration of the accuracy due to arbitrary positioned spectral components. The numerical modeling also provides the discussion for preliminary time-window filtration of the received signals in order to increase the accuracy of angle estimator. Thus it was shown that the common used windows such as Hann, Bartlett and Keiser-Bessel can be useful in the case of sparse arbitrary spectrum.

Keywords: passive locator, angle-of-arrival, circular antenna arrays, one-step maximum likelihood estimation.