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Effect of a magnetic field relaxation on the splash of ultrasonic absorption coefficient in magnetic nanofluid EMG 605


I. E. Ovchinnikov

Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Sciences


The paper is received on January 16, 2014

Abstract: The theoretical analysis was made on the experimental data for the ultrasonic velocity and absorption coefficient in water-based magnetic nanofluid EMG 605 when exposed to a homogeneous static magnetic field with a magnitude from a few and up to 120 kA/m. It was shown, that the ultrasonic absorption coefficient splash can be explained by a process of relaxation of the magnetic field to its equilibrium value in a magnetic fluid. For magnetic fields from 30 kA/m and up to 120 kA/m the theoretical dependence is confirmed: the magnetoelasticity parameter is inversely proportional to the differential magnetic susceptibility.

Keywords: magnetic nanofluid, magnetic nanoparticles, magnetite, magnetic field, ultrasonics.