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Method of increasing of spatial selectivity of multichannel signal detectors, in the processing chain of which the summator, squarer and integrator are used


V. N. Dolgikh, A. N. Suchkov,  K. A. Ushakov

Military Training and Research Center «Naval Academy» (Branch in Vladivostok)

The paper is received on December 23, 2013

Abstract: The paper deals with theoretical and imitating research results of  formation method of  multichannel dimensional filters response where summator, squarer and the integrator  are used in the processing chain and allow to improve the spatial selectivity at a small ratio signal-to-noise at  the  inputs. As a result of the method offered the research efficiency on formation of  spatial selectivity and probabilistic characteristic of signal detection was confirmed.

Key words: response, dimensional filter, summator, squarer, integrator, noise-to-signal ratio, simulation modeling.