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The distribution laws of the range of detection of extended objects by short-range radio devices


V. M. Artyushenko 1, V. I. Volovach 2

1 Finance and Technology Academy, Korolev, Russia

2 Volga Region State University of Service, Togliatti, Russia


The paper is received on January 11, 2015


Abstract. It is shown that one of the most important issues when determining the characteristics of wireless short-range devices is the obtaining statistical distributions of the detection range of extended objects. To calculate the expected detection range of the mentioned devices, one should use probability and statistical methods. Distributions of the detection range of the object by short-range electronic devices are obtained for the moving extended object, depending on its speed and the nature of the reflective surface taking into account the statistical characteristics of the reflected signals, as well as working conditions and forms of the pattern of the mentioned devices. The obtained laws can be used for calculation of the detection characteristics of a moving object in real operating conditions of short-range devices.

Key words: short-range radio device, extended object, the distribution of the detection range, density of distribution of detection probability, the accuracy of detection, probability and statistical methods, the shape of the pattern.



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