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Analysis of spectrum parameters of Doppler signal reflected from the moving extended object


V. M. Artyushenko 1, V. I. Volovach 2

1 Finance and Technology Academy, Korolev, Russia

2 Volga Region State University of Service, Togliatti, Russia


The paper is received on January 12, 2015


Abstract. It is shown that in the analysis and implementation of short-range radio devices an extended nature of the sensing object and the nature of the multipath signal reflections from the object should be considered. The analysis of the parameters of the spectrum of Doppler signal reflected from the moving extended object is of practical interest, since it allows to determine the parameters of motion with great certainty, in particular the speed and acceleration of an extended object. It is proved that the width of the Doppler signal spectrum and, hence, the accuracy of speed measuring of an extended object are the most influenced by its acceleration. In this case there is a direct relation: the greater the acceleration, the wider the signal spectrum. The results of experimental study of spectrum parameters of the Doppler signal for different models of extended objects are discussed. Analysis and generalization of the results was carried out on a large sample of fragments of the spectrum of the Doppler signal, which allows us to consider these results as statistically significant.

Key words: spectrum of the Doppler signal, extended object, radio meter, speed, acceleration of the motion, the effective surface scattering, the amplitude spectrum, phase spectrum.


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