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Microwave radiometry as a tool for measuring the salinity of the surface waters of the oceans


 M. Danilychev, B. Kutuza, V. Kaloshin, A. Moshkov

Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics RAS


The paper is received on January 19, 2015


Abstract: Microwave L-band allows remote measurement of salinity of surface waters by means of aerospace radiometry. Numerical evaluation of the nature and extent of the influence of the main physical factors that determine the peculiarities of the formation of their own brightness temperature of sea surface in this range are discussed. These results contribute to a more complete understanding of radiation-geophysical model and allow specialists to consciously approach the selection of shooting options, the principles of construction equipment, the development of pre-launch versions of the processing algorithms and the corresponding calibration procedures.

Key words: microwave radiometry, L-band, remote sensing, sea surface, salinity, temperature, roughness, ionosphere.