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Dependences of frequencies on a field in spectrum of the magnetostatic surface wave and their use for definition of the magnetic parameters of the ferrite films


V. V. Shagaev, Tun Tun Lin

Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Kaluga Branch


The paper is received on January 16, 2015


Abstract: The equation characterizing a magnetostatic surface wave in a film from a viewpoint of the wave frequency dependence on the magnetizing field strength is deduced. The peculiarity of the equation consists in the fact that it doesn't depend on wave number. The analysis of the equation of the frequency dependence on a field in films of the cubic ferrites with orientations of type {100}, {110}, {111} is executed. In this case the first and the second constants of cubic anisotropy of ferrite were taken into account. On the basis of the deduced equation the method of measurement of the films magnetic parameters is developed. Results of the experimental investigations in which the dependences of the effective magnetization and the magnetic crystallographic anisotropy field on temperature in a film of iron-yttrium garnet was defined are given.

Key words: magnetostatic wave, ferrites, yttrium iron garnet, magnetic anisotropy, magnetization.