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The investigation of wave propagation through the multilayer medium with barrier nonuniformities

I. V. Antonets 1, V. G. Shavrov 2, V. I. Shcheglov 2

1 Syktyvkar State University, Syktyvkar, Russia 2Kotelínikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Moscow, Russia

2 Kotelnikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS, Moscow, Russia

The paper is received on January 13, 2015


Abstract. The task of wave propagation through multilayer structure containing barrier and periodic nonuniformities is solved by exclusion method. The frequency dependencies of reflection, transmission and absorption coefficients are found. The periodic multipetal character of frequency dependencies and its connection with barrier parameters is found. It is investigated the wave extension in structure with periodic nonuniformity on the model of multibarrier medium. On each period of coefficient frequency dependencies it is found the separation of single narrow petal accompanied by the suppression of side petals. When the quantity of barriers is increased the central frequency of petal is increased and its amplitude is decreased. These changing are the stronger the distinction between the velocities inside and outside of barriers is more. The secondary modulation effect of frequency dependencies is found. For interpretation of this effect it is proposed the hypothesis about the beating between the resonances inside and outside of barriers. It is shown the possibility of generalization on the case of electromagnetic waves propagating in conducting media with permittivity and permeability.

Key words: wave propagation, multilayer nonuniform structure.