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High-aperture optical waveguide structures, based on silica  glass, doped by fluorine, prepared in  non-isothermal plasma of a resonance local microwave low-pressure discharge


L. M. Blinov1, A. P. Gerasimenko3, Yu. V. Gulyaev1, A. P. Dolgov3, L. Yu. Kochmarev2, I. P. Shilov2

  1 Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS  

2 Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS, Fryazino Branch 

3 "Radio engineering institute of a name of the academician A.L. Mintz", îpen joint stock company


 The paper is received on December 24, 2015


Abstract. In this paper we presented some results of a developed laboratory technology of  high-aperture (~0,3) silica fiber preforms and planar waveguides with increased aperture fabrication, which is based on PCVD method, where a microwave non-isothermal plasma is used;  material of a core is pure SiO2,  refracting cladding  -  F-doped SiO2. Such kind of fibers is used, for example, in preparing of some optical elements in photonics, and high sensitive optical fiber probes in laser medicine. In this work was we used a microwave plasmatron of pass-through, waveguide-resonator type, having the shortening capacity in the center of waveguide , and  the short-circuiting plunger at the end. It allows the effective resonance  adjustment on the H10n modes (n = 1, 2 …). Some properties of produced preforms, optical fibers and planar waveguides are investigated.  

Key words:  microwave plasma, microwave plasmatron, resonance, high numerical aperture,  optical fiber,  optical planar waveguide, splitter , silica glass layers, doped by fluorine.