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Improving the efficiency of communication systems with OFDM-signals

E. N. Rychkov, V. G. Patyukov

Institute of Engineering Physics and Electronics, Siberian Federal University


 The paper is received on December 2, 2015


Abstract. Problems of the development of communication systems with OFDM-signals on the example of the software-defined radio are considered, features of the algorithms of these systems are studied, such as tone reservation method and the possibility of varying the type of transformation, as well as recommendations for modification of the algorithms used. The method of creating a broadband modem on software-defined radio system is researched. The results allow to obtain a qualitatively new communication systems, especially for tropospheric and satellite solutions.

Key words: OFDM, software defined radio system, the method of reservation tone, PAPR, cosine transform, phase shift keying, algorithms QAM, MATLAB.