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Martensite phase transformation and shape memory effect in a microwire alloy Ni-Ti


A. V. Petrov1, V. A. Andreev2, V. S. Kalashnikov1, V. V. Koledov1, V. G. Shavrov1, D. V. Gunderov3

1 Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS

2 "MATEK-SPF" Center

3 Institute of Molecule and Crystal Physics URC RAS


 The paper is received on December 24, 2015


Abstract. A study of the effect of heat treatment on phase transformation temperature of the sample microwire alloy 23 microns in diameter Ni50,5Ti49,5 obtained by drawing. It demonstrated that annealing 450C in the originally amorphous microwires results in anomaly temperature dependence of the electric conductivity which is characteristic for the two-stage thermoelastic martensitic transition. The martensitic transition in the samples after annealing is observed in the range from -100 to 150C. The annealed alloy samples showed shape memory effect (SME). We discuss the use of microwires SME in nanotechnology and technology of sensors and actuators.

Key words: shape memory alloys, thermoelastic martensite transformation, nickel titanium, micro wire.