"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 1, 2018

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UDC 537.635

Double stabilization of magnetic oscillations frequencies in ferrite films


V. V. Shagaev, V. I. Detyuk, Tun Tun Lin

Bauman Moscow State Technical University (national research University), Kaluga Branch, Bazhenova 2, Kaluga 24800, Russia


The paper is received on January 9, 2018


Abstract. By the methods of mathematical modeling a possibility of stability increase of the magnetic oscillations frequencies in the single crystal ferrite films regarding change of at once two parameters – temperature and the parameter, defining chemical composition, is investigated. The considered method of stabilization is based on an optimal choice of a film crystallographic orientation and a magnetizing field direction. The zero values of the frequency first derivatives of temperature and of the varied chemical element concentration were criteria for optimality. The mathematical model of galliumsubstituted yttrium iron garnet films is constructed. Comparison between itself of the films with double stabilization and the films with stabilization of frequency regarding change of only one parameter is made. In the last case the films had crystallographic orientation of type {111}, and the stabilization was realized by the choice of only of the magnetizing field direction. 3d plots of the ferromagnetic resonance frequency displacement from change of temperature also from change of gallium concentration are given. It is established that in in a case of double stabilization this dependences are the saddle-shaped surfaces. Recommendations of a considered method use for stabilization of the devices on the magnetostatic waves are given.

Key words: ferrite film, galliumsubstituted yttrium iron garnet, magnetic anisotropy, magnetization, ferromagnetic resonance, frequency stabilization.


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For citation:
V. V. Shagaev, V. I. Detyuk, Tun Tun Lin. Double stabilization of magnetic oscillations frequencies in ferrite films. Zhurnal Radioelektroniki - Journal of Radio Electronics. 2018. No. 1. Available at http://jre.cplire.ru/jre/jan18/2/text.pdf

DOI  10.30898/1684-1719-2018-1-2