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Синтез и исследование сверхширокополосной  планарной трехзеркальной системы

А. С. Венецкий, В. А. Калошин, К. Т. Нгуен, Е. В. Фролова

Институт радиотехники и электроники им. В.А. Котельникова РАН, 125009, Москва, ул. Моховая, 11-7


Статья поступила в редакцию 26 декабря 2017 г.


Аннотация. Проведен синтез трехзеркальной системы с цилиндрической симметрией. В результате оптимизации параметров реализован сектор сканирования ±50 градусов. Результаты эксперимента подтвердили величину сектора сканирования и широкополосные свойства многолучевой планарной антенны на базе синтезированной трехзеркальной системы.

Ключевые слова: антенны, сверхширокополосные, многолучевые, трехзеркальные, планарные.

Abstract. Cylindrical mirror and mirror - lens systems are used as radiating systems for multibeam antenna arrays. In this case, the planar waveguide, in which the feed element is located, makes a 180-degree turn and forms a two-layer structure, the second floor of which is occupied by an array. Such a design is more compact than a one-story one, in which the Rotman lens is usually used as a focusing element. A two-mirror aplanatic system allows reducing aberrations and expanding the scanning sector in comparison with a single-mirror one, however, for the arrangement of the grating above the planar waveguide, one more rotation of the planar waveguide is required, i.e. a transition to a three-mirror system is necessary. This construction is considered in this paper. It is shown that the third mirror allows reducing aberrations in comparison with the two-mirror system. The work consists of two parts. In the first part, problems of synthesis and minimization of aberrations of a cylindrical three-mirror aplanatic system are considered. As a result of optimization of the parameters, the angle of view of 100 degrees is realized. In the second part, the scanning properties of a four-layer antenna based on a synthesized three-mirror system were studied. The results of the experiment confirmed the size of the scanning sector and the broadband properties of the multi-beam antenna based on a synthesized three-mirror system.

Keywords: antennas, ultra-wideband, multi-beam, three-mirror, planar.


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А. С. Венецкий, В. А. Калошин, К. Т. Нгуен, Е. В. Фролова. Синтез и исследование сверхширокополосной планарной трехзеркальной системы. Журнал радиоэлектроники [электронный журнал]. 2018. №1. Режим доступа: http://jre.cplire.ru/jre/jan18/4/text.pdf

DOI  10.30898/1684-1719-2018-1-5