"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 1, 2019

contents of issue      DOI  10.30898/1684-1719.2019.1.5     full text in Russian (pdf)  

Digital Broadband Multichannel Receiver with Subsampling Operation Analysis


D. V. Kondakov 1,2, A. P. Lavrov 1

1 Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, 29 Polytechnicheskaya str., St. Petersburg, 195251, Russia

2LLC “Special Technological Center”, 21 Gzatskaya str., St. Petersburg, 195220, Russia


The paper is received on January 15, 2018


Abstract. The major objective of this research was to investigate the operation of a digital wideband receiver. In particular, this study will examine an inputs’ model, which consists of a combination of several simultaneously existing harmonic signals. The receiver represents a multichannel device with parallel operation of channels in the subsampling mode. The case of different channels’ sampling frequencies is assumed. After the downsampling, in all channels an analog-to-digital conversion is performed, and then – spectrum analysis. The spectrum analysis results are used to restore the frequencies of the input multi-component signal. The model of signal conversion in the proposed receiver is presented, as well as the results of numerical simulation of its operation. To be more exact, the following aspects are found out: determining of the input signals’ frequencies with multiple (up to 6) channels in parallel, and several - up to 5 simultaneously present receiver input frequencies with subsampling from up to 20-th Nyquist zone.

Key words: multichannel receiver; subsampling; multicomponent signal.


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For citation:

D. V. Kondakov, A. P. Lavrov. Digital broadband multichannel receiver with subsampling operation analysis. Zhurnal Radioelektroniki - Journal of Radio Electronics. 2019. No. 1. Available at http://jre.cplire.ru/jre/jan19/5/text.pdf

DOI  10.30898/1684-1719.2019.1.5