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The patent analysis features of different purpose radar systems with using the resources of the US Patent and Trademark Office


V. I. Karnyshev, V. I. Avdzeiko, E. S. Pascal

 Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, Lenin Ave., 40, Tomsk, 634050 Russia


The paper was received on December 18, 2020


Abstract. The patent documentation is one of the main information sources for forecasting the development of various technical (technological) areas. This paper examines the features of radar systems development with the use of the US Patent and Trademark Office resources. In this study, the data concerning the dynamics of USA invention patents registration for ten-year period (2010-2019) have been found for G01S13 (Radar systems) group of the International Patent Classification. The results obtained confirm the significant progress achieved in the development of the systems using the reflection or reradiation of radio waves in specific practical applications. In particular, the inventions intended for using in space (space), airspace (air), as well as in ground and surface (surface) systems. It is shown that during the last ten years the systems using reflection of radio waves (primary radar systems) and radar systems, specially adapted for specific applications, have demonstrated the best dynamics in their development. As a result of the data analysis, it is concluded that the radar systems, specially adapted for such specific applications as anti-collision purposes, radar systems for such specific applications, and primary radar systems, should be considered as the most promising in the next two to three years.

Key words: patent analysis, IPC, radar systems, IPC subgroups, US patents, USPTO, time series, technological trends, forecasting.


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For citation:

Karnyshev V.I., Avdzeiko V.I., Pascal E.S. The patent analysis features of different purpose radar systems with using the resources of the US Patent and Trademark Office. Zhurnal Radioelektroniki [Journal of Radio Electronics]. 2021. No.1. https://doi.org/10.30898/1684-1719.2021.1.4 (In Russian)