International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications SIBCON-2009


O. V. Stukach,
head of
Tomsk IEEE group, Tomsk Polytechnical univercity, Tomsk, Russia   


Received July 22, 2009

The paper represents report on the International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications SIBCON-2009 in Tomsk. The Conference is a main event of the Russia Siberia Section of the IEEE. 


Keywords: IEEE Russian section, control and communications technologies.


Международная IEEE-Сибирская конференция по управлению и связи SIBCON-2009


О.В. Стукач,
председатель Томской группы IEEE, Томский политехнический университет

Получена 22 июля 2009 г.


Рассмотрены результаты проведенной в г. Томске Международной IEEE-Сибирской конференции по управлению и связи SIBCON-2009. Конференция является главным профессиональным мероприятием Российской Сибирской секции Института инженеров по электротехнике и радиоэлектронике (IEEE).


Ключевые слова: Российская Сибирская секция IEEE, технологии управления и связи.



The IEEE Tomsk Joint Chapter and Student Branch jointly with IEEE Russia Siberia Section hold the next SIBCON conference as one of major highlight. This meeting was sponsored by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research with technical co-sponsorship by MTT-S, ED-S, and the IEEE Russia Siberia Section. Last seven SIBCON conferences have a success, so this event is biannual. Indeed, it is an event which proved to be of a big scientific value for control and communication technologies for engineers, scientists and students. The overall objective of this important scientific event is to contribute to the development of R&D activities and investments in all the fields related with control and communications in academia, industry and universities in Siberia. Another very important aims set for the conference are to offer a forum for scientists and engineers from around the world where they can meet, present and discuss their research findings. It is also intended to offer them the opportunity to interact with their peers and to stimulate fruitful cooperation ties among them.


Tomsk, one of the Siberian few remaining old cities, play for centuries one of the most important role of knowledge and science. It was a place where experts and knowledge seekers alike came from many places to meet, in order to learn, exchange ideas and share experience. It is also a city famous for the oldest university in Siberia which is Tomsk State University. It was built in 1880 and open for students in 1888. The city is also famous for another old technical school such as Tomsk Polytechnic University, which was hosted SIBCON for many times. TPU with its faculties are ranked among the top national universities and establishments and were key partners in the organization of this event. TPU making a real hub of knowledge from which many prominent scholars graduated. Valuable support was also provided by other organizations like Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, Radar R&D, and Tomsk Joint Chapter.


This SIBCON 2009 really has exceeded our expectations in participation. Up to hundred papers were submitted, and the overall quality of which was good. The conference website has full information concern venue, technical and social program, accommodation. The communication between participants and organizers was intense. More 1,000 emails were received, all of which were replied, while only a 50 phone calls, faxes, and postal letters were recorded.


Four sessions were scheduled and have covered the fundamental problems of communication and control theory; subsurface radar and remote sensing; semiconductor materials, sensors, and electron devices. The final full version of the SIBCON proceeding is available for download via IEEE Xplore http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/tocresult.jsp?isnumber=5044817&isYear=2009. Overall, we had during the two-day conference talks displaying and covering most up-to-date topics in information and communication technologies pertinent to our development. It is difficult to identify general trends in the fields covered by the conference, but with the growing interest in theoretical models and numerical methods, the role of computers is becoming more and more important. Focus areas of this symposium have been the field of ultra-wideband (UWB) communication systems and UWB ground-penetrating radar. The major goal of the conference was to bring together researchers from various fields, in order to present advances in the state-of-art of communication and control theory and technology. Unified perspectives in this interdisciplinary field of advanced research were also evident. The real value of SIBCON is its role as a platform for personal contact and direct information exchange. Most of the participants stated that they found solutions to current problems during the symposium and could at least establish valuable contacts. Our mutual curiosity for understanding each other and sharing our experiences and opinions with a cultural and historical perspective proved mutually rewarding. Both aspects were particularly endearing to the participants and made our visit especially memorable. The conference as a whole has demonstrated continuing interest in analysis and control methods for current problems related to control and communications.


Official dinner was given at the beautiful House of Scientists. located in the historical part of the city. The participants had the opportunity to enjoy the historical sites, as well as the beauties of this city, including the wooden architecture of city, the masterpieces of museums, the Voskresenskaya Mountain, where the stone in memory of the city foundation is stand up. There you can see whole city, as on a palm, with its modern part with high-rise buildings and aged wood part of city in the famous "Dark Days" season.


We are very pleased that the SIBCON conference has already gained the status of a significant and well-known event in Siberia. Next SIBCON will be held in September 2011in Krasnoyarsk. It is a modern city in the centre of Russia lies along the beautiful banks of the biggest river in Eurasia - Yenisey River. The population of Krasnoyarsk is almost one million people. Krasnoyarsk is an economic, cultural and administrative centre of the enormous region. Around Krasnoyarsk people enjoy a wild and beautiful environment. A national park, "Stolby", is one of the most famous recreational sites in Siberia with unusual cliffs.


This city is located 4065 kilometers from Moscow. It takes about 4.5 hours to get there from Moscow by plane. The infrastructure is well-developed and there are a lot of cafes, restaurants, museums and stores. The city also amazes with the hospitality of local people - a typical Siberian trait, but especially evident in Krasnoyarsk. All information about SIBCON can be found on our home page: http://www.comsoc.org/tomsk/sibcon/. Please join us.