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Waveguide light scattering method as a best way for research of the statistic irregularities of integrated-optical waveguides


A. A. Egorov

A.M. Prokhorov’ General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

 Received June 21,  2010 

Abstract. The phenomenon of the waveguide light scattering in the irregular planar integrated-optical waveguide is investigated. The solution of the direct scattering problem is fined with the help of the theory of perturbations. The inverse waveguide scattering problem consists in restoring of spectral density function and/or autocorrelation function of waveguide’s irregularities and determination of irregularities’ parameters by the measuring data of radiating field in the far zone. The computer simulation and experimental results allow approving, that our method permits to receive an approximate correct solution of the inverse scattering problem with the rms error of restoring of the given autocorrelation functions no more than 35% in the presence of high real noise (for SNR ≥ 1). The statistic parameters of irregularities in this case are determined with the error less than 15-30 %.

 Keywords: integrated optics, waveguide, irregularities, waveguide scattering phenomenon, autocorrelation function, noise, computer modeling, incorrect scattering problem.