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intense radio-pulse protector with hts element


Boris A. Belyaev1,2, Iliya V. Govorun2, Aleksandr A. Leksikov2, Aleksey M. Serzhantov3


1 Siberian State Air-Space University, Krasnoyarsk

2 L.V. Kirensky Institute of Physics SB RAS Krasnoyarsk

3 Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk


Received June 30, 2011


Abstract. An ability is demonstrated to create a device protecting from intense radio-pulse on the base of microstrip resonators coupled trough the third one containing HTS element. The device operates as follows. Under radio-pulse action whose intense exceeds a specific threshold the HTS element switches from the superconductive state to the normal one having high resistance, as a sequence, the quality factor of the coupling resonator drops, and the coupling between input and output resonators is destroyed.

Keywords: protector, microstrip resonator, HTS, coupling coefficients, rejection level.