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Log periodic Bow-Tie Antennas (LPA) Design Using the Transmission Line Model

M. Abri, H. Abri Badaoui, M. A. Belhadi, I. Kalai

Laboratoire de Télécommunications, Département de Génie Electrique

Faculté de Technologie, Université Abou-Bekr Belkaïd -Tlemcen

BP 230, Pôle Chetouane, 13000 Tlemcen- Algérie

  Received June 13, 2012

Abstractó In this paper, a transmission line model is used to design log periodic of bow-tie antennas arrays operating in C band fed in series with enhanced bandwidth. The transmission line model is simple, precise and allowing taking into account the whole geometrical, electric and technological characteristics of the antennas arrays. To validate this last, the obtained simulation results are compared with those obtained by the momentís method (MoM) of the Momentum software. Using this transmission line approach the resonant frequency, input impedance, return loss can be determined simultaneously. Agreements between transmission line model data and the momentís methods results were achieved.

Key words : Microstrip bowtie antenna, log periodic concept, transmission line model, Momentís method.