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Neuronal 3D distribution reconstruction system based on a priori morphological model and series of real 2D-images of brain sections


 Yu. V. Obukhov, V. E. Antsiperov, O. V. Evseev
Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS


Received July 23, 2012

Abstract. The paper presents results of the development of reconstruction algorithms of three-dimensional distributions of neurons, previously recognized by microscopic images of brain slices of experimental animals. The adaptation of the well-known EM-clustering algorithm to highlight groups of neurons in slices is considered, taking into account the prevailing today neurobiological concepts. Authors propose a polynomial interlayer approximation of the parameters of two-dimensional contours of groups. It provides reduce at least halve the number of slices for the three-dimensional reconstruction of neuronal distributions. Described algorithms are implemented in a software package developed by the authors for constructing neuronal 3D-distributions on a series of 2D-slice images of the brain. It is supposed to be a useful tool for research in present neuroscience, in particular, for problems of the modeling of Parkinson's disease, and will significantly reduce the costs of such researches.

Keywords: 3D distributions reconstruction, 2D clustering, EM-algorithm, B-splines.