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Surface electromagnetic waves on the plain boundaries of electroconductive media of high conductivity, Zenneck’s wave


V. V. Shevchenko

Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics

Received July 25, 2013


Abstract. The properties of a theoretical model of surface electromagnetic waves, guided by the plane boundaries of high conductive media: metals, humid soils, sea and salty water in general are considered. The phase,”group” and energy flow velocities of these waves are calculated. These waves are related to the unusual type of waves, the “group” velocity of which is differed from the energy flow velocity, that is the wave energy transport velocity. Although depending on medium parameters the phase and “group” velocities of these waves can be more than the light velocity c, their energy flow velocity always less than the light velocity c. So named Zenneck’s wave is related to considered the type of waves.

Key words: surface waves; phase, group, energy flow velocities of waves; Zenneck’s  wave.