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Integration of Scientific data on the base of Science Object Metadata model


S. A. Zhukova
Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University


The paper is received on June 5, 2014


Abstract: Methods of the description of scientific data for the purpose of their integration and availability maintenance are offered wide scientific community for the decision of global problems. Base positions is standardization of metadescriptions of the scientific given and data as a part of results of experiments,  program  of computer modeling, reports and publications. The profile of scientific data on base formation of the normative and technical maintenance co-ordinated with the international both national standards and specifications of information-communication technologies. In article the concept scientific data and their use as a part of global research environment is considered. Schemes of the description of scientific data and providing of access to them on the basis of unified model Calculator Science Object Metadata are defined. The model is developed by the author for integration of scientific data of computer modeling as a part of open research environment.

Keywords: global systems, integration, scientific data, standard, specification, metadata, interoperability.