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Study of the efficiency of numerical methods and computer simulation programs in the process of the microstrip filters designing


D. V. Denisenko, V. V. Radchenko

FSUE “CNIRTI named after academician A.I. Berg”, Moscow, Russia


The paper is received on July 12, 2014


Abstract: The advantages and disadvantages of the numerical methods of quasi-static and electromagnetic simulation, applied in the process of the planar microwave devices designing are examined. The comparative analysis of results of numerical simulation and measurement characteristics of constructively different microstrip filters in the range from 1 to 18 GHz is made. According to research, practical recommendations to improve the reliability modeling of the characteristics of microstrip filters and other planar devices are proposed. Identified anisotropic properties of dielectric permittivity Al2O3 ceramic substrates are estimated.

Keywords: microstrip filters, planar microwave devices, electromagnetic simulation, numerical methods, finite elements method, method of moments.