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Atmospheric correction of hyperspectral data for aerospace remote sensing of agricultural systems


A. A. Nikolenko

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


The paper is received on June 23, 2015 


Abstract. This article presents one approach to atmospheric correction of hyperspectral aerospace remote sensing data, which is based on the integrated use of additional data obtained with different instruments for field measurements. The results of measuring performed by the spectroradiometer, sun photometer, etc. are considered as additional data. It is advisable to use the data of the AERONET radiometer network. Additionally, the availability of information about the navigational reference of hyperspectral images, as well as access to images obtained using different video equipment is especially very useful when addressing targets. The approach, offered in the article, is tested on the example of the atmospheric correction of hyperspectral images of the landfill site of Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute in the Tula region. Aviation hyperspectrometer produced by JSC "NPO "Lepton" was used during the experimental work. Ground-based measurements obtained by spectroradiometer ASD FieldSpec(R)3 and by sun photometer MICROTOPS(R)II were selected as a source of information for aggregation. It is revealed that measurements of the sun photometer are mostly useful for the atmospheric correction. Such principal atmospheric parameters as meteorological visibility range and precipitable water vapour are obtained from these measurements. It is shown that the best results were achieved in the absorption bands of water and in the blue region of the spectrum.

Keywords: hyperspectrometer, spectroradiometer, sun photometer, network AERONET, atmospheric correction, thematic hyperspectral image processing, agricultural systems.