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A method of calculating the leaky-wave propagation constant in slotted waveguides


V. I. Kalinichev 1, A. A. Babaskin 2

1 Kotelínikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS

2 RF Mtech, Seul, Soth Korea 


The paper is received on June 24, 2015 


Abstract. A method of calculating the complex propagation constant of a leaky mode in slotted waveguides is proposed and approved. The method is based on reduction to the problem of eigenmodes in the equivalent resonator. One-dimensional and two-dimensional arrays of slots in the form of circular holes in the wall of rectangular and planar waveguides are considered as an example. A comparison with the Olinerís analytical method is given. The proposed method can be used for the modeling and design of leaky-wave antennas.

Key words: slotted waveguides, leaky mode, propagation constant, equivalent resonator, eigen modes, leaky-wave antennas.