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Using the geostationary satellites for the control of the characteristics of the radio telescope RATAN-600  

V. B. Khaikin, M. K. Lebedev,  N. N. Bursov, A. A. Storozhenko

RAS Special astrophysical observatory 


The paper is received on June 29, 2015 


Abstract. The paper suggests ways to control the characteristics of the radio telescope RATAN-600 using the geostationary satellites. The results of the measurement of two-dimensional antenna patterns and focal spots, the reflecting elements and groups of elements of the radio telescope efficiency (contribution) are presented, as well as the comparison of the measured characteristics with the model. A method for estimating the parameters of the antenna efficiency on measured, calculated and approximated characteristics is considered, estimates of the achievable accuracy in a feasible measurement region are given. The results show highly informative and effective method for monitoring of the radio telescope performance using the geostationary satellites.

Key words: radio telescope, reflecting elements, monitoring and modeling of antenna characteristics, geostationary satellites.