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Electrodynamic analysis and constructive synthesis of nonlinear microstrip lattice with metamaterial substrate

D. V. Semenikhina, N. I. Chikov, A. I. Semenikhin, N. N. Gorbatenko 
Southern Federal University , Taganrog


The paper is received on July 15, 2015 


Abstract. The electrodynamic analysis of a nonlinear microstrip lattice with a metamaterial substrate on the basis of the solution of Maxwell's equations with the given boundary conditions and a radiation condition is considered. Singularities in compilation of a system of nonlinear integral equations due to use of a metamaterial substrate are shown. Numerical results are presented in the form of dependences of reflection coefficients on the main and the multiple harmonics from parameters of nonlinear loads. The constructive synthesis of the geometrical sizes of the microstrip elements allowing to increase functioning efficiency of a reflective lattice due to increase of the reflected field on the multiple harmonica is also provided.

Key words: nonlinear scattering , microstrip array, metamaterials, electrodynamic analysis, constructive synthesis.