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Ionospheric support module on the base of satellite systems GPS/GLONASS


V. M. Smirnov, E. V. Smirnova
Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Fryazino brunch

Received June 2, 2010


Abstract. The capabilities of global navigating systems GPS/GLONASS for Earth ionosphere monitoring have been considered in the article. The structure of the ionospheric support satellite system, consisting of two parts: orbital and ground has been developed on the basis of the navigating systems. As the ground part the informational - analytical stand for measurements data storage and processing is suggested. A key element of such a stand is an automated ionospheric support module, based on the use of the radio translucence method of the Earth ionosphere on the line «ground - navigating satellite». Potential block diagram of the module is enclosed and its functions are described. The scheme of the measurements implementation, data interpretation and parametrical identification algorithm of a return problem of the radio translucence of the ionosphere has been demonstrated.


Keywords: Earth ionosphere, monitoring, radio translucence method, SW radio communication, maximum usable frequencies, global navigating systems, ionospheric support module, informational-analytical stand, altitude profiles of electron density.