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Study of propagation and scattering parameters of centimeter radio waves on the radio satellite-satellite occultation paths as applied to the problem of hydrometer identification


E. V. Sukhonin

Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Fryazino brunch

Received June 18, 2010


Abstract. Attenuation  X  and depolarization XPD were estimated at the wavelength 2 cm on occultation path if one satellite is in the Earth shadow region. The relationship was obtained that connects  A  and XPD in rains at 2 cm and allows to identify their more reliable. The polarization method is found to allow  defect the thunder discharge regions in the atmosphere.


Keywords: centimeter radio waves, radio wave propagation, depolarization attenuation, radio occultation satellite-satellite paths, monitoring, rain identification.