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Influence of mechanical stress in semiconductor heterostructure on density of p-n-junctions

E. L. Pankratov
Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Received May 31, 2011


Abstract. It has been recently shown, that inhomogeneity of semiconductor heterostructure and optimization of annealing time leads to decrease depth of p-n-junctions and to increase homogeneity of dopant distribution in doped area. It has been also recently shown, that mechanical stress in two layer heterostructure (substrate and epitaxial layer) changes dopant distribution in heterostructure in directions, which are perpendicular to interface between layers of heterostructure, in comparison with unstressed sample. In this paper we consider an alternative approach to increase density of p-n-junctions in the same heterostructure by using overlayer. The overlayer leads to additional mechanical stress and as being due to increasing of density of p-n-junctions in the heterostructure.
increasing of sharpness of p-n-junctions; increasing of density of p-n-junctions; optimization of annealing; influence of stress between layers in heterostructure.