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The role of the Sun in microwave radiometry of "ocean-atmosphere" system 

M. V. Danilytchev, B. G. Kutuza, M. T. Smirnov
Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

Received June 10, 2011


Abstract - The specific aspects of calculating of the contribution of Sun microwave emission scattered by rough sea surface into antenna temperature at radiometer investigation of the system "ocean - atmosphere" are discussed. The possibility to use Sun illumination as a source signal for the bistatic sensing of the ocean surface is analyzed. The calculation model is described for the frequency range of 3...50GHz, which was developed as a result of complex experiments in 0.8 cm (37.5 GHz), 2.25 cm (13.33 GHz) and 6 cm (5 GHz) wavelength ranges. The comparison of new experimental data with the model calculation results is carried out in the range of 21 cm (1.42 GHz).

Keywords: Microwave radiometry, sea surface, solar microwave radiation.