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Simulation of array fed scanning reflector antenna with small beam shift step

A. N. Plastilov 1,2, N. M. Feyzulla1

1 Design Bureau of Moscow Power Engineering Institute

2 National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", Department of Antenna Devices and Radio Wave Propagation

Received May 27, 2012

Abstract. S-band scanning prime focus parabolic reflector antenna with H-plane sectorial horn array feed is presented in this article. Calculations were made by the use of method of moments code. Horn design was optimized for obtain overlapping phase centers in E- and H-planes. Far fields were comparing for three different models: first design include directly all radiating horns while the rest use array factor for one horn in free space and one horn formed part of infinite array. The reflection factor for power divider provided an in-phase and equal amplitude excitation of array elements is determined.

Index terms: array-fed reflector antenna, antenna array, horn antenna, primary antenna feed, phase center, array factor, periodic boundary conditions.