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Horn irradiator of planar lenses and mirrors


S. E. Bankov 1,  A. A. Kurushin 2

1 Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics

2 National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”


Received June 7, 2013


Abstract. Problems of modeling and design of an important element of integrated microwave optics – matrix radiator are considered. An array of E – plane planar horns excited by double-sided slot waveguides and array H – plane horns excited by microstrip lines are investigated. Arrays are analyzed in frames of models of different level: physical optics method, solution of boundary problem in approximation of two – dimensional waveguide model, solution of three – dimensional boundary problem with help of a system of electromagnetic modeling FEKO. Arrays of finite length are considered. Patterns of horn radiation in waves of planar waveguides are studied. Effects caused by array finite length and horn length are investigated. Tolerance of a model based on the physical optics method is analyzed.

Keywords: integral microwave optics, planar mirror, planar lens, planar horn, array of planar horns.