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On one approach to electrodynamical analysis of thin perfectly conducting scatterers


S. P. Skobelev

Joint-Stock Company "Radiophizika", Moscow
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


Received June 6, 2013


Abstract: Analysis of an approximate Fredholm integral equation of the second kind obtained according to an approach proposed recently in the literature for solving the problems of electromagnetic wave scattering by weakly curved perfectly conducting scatterers of small but non-zero thickness is carried out. The effectiveness of application of the indicated equation based on an equivalent current on an unclosed surface arranged inside the scatterer is investigated both analytically and by means of comparison with the method of integral equation of the first kind and with the method of auxiliary sources applied for solving two-dimensional problems for a strip. It is shown that like the method of physical optics, the indicated equation is incapable of accounting for the edge effects resulting in specific behavior of the current at the edges, excitation of the edge waves, and appearing of the crosspolar current component. The results of the work were presented at the 6th All-Russian Conference "Radar and Communications", November 2012, Moscow, Russia.

Key words: electromagnetic scattering, thin screens, numerical methods, integral equations.