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Non-traditional application of slow-wave structures


Yu. N. Pchelnikov 1, A.Yu. Miroshnichenko 2, N.A. Akafyeva 2

1 Scientific Application International Corporation, MCLEAN, VA, 22102,

2 Saratov State Technical University in the name of Gagarin Yu.A.


Received June 13, 2013


Abstract. In this paper we consider the properties of slow (surface) waves, which are mostly determined by the frequency of electromagnetic waves, the configuration and design of slow-wave structures, as well as by the type of the excited wave. The slowing down as well as the operating frequency determine the energy distribution of the electric and magnetic fields inside the object or on its surface. These properties allow using slow-waves for measurements and control of manufacturing processes, for thermal treatment of a variety of materials and products that generate cold and hot plasma, as well as for medical purposes (RF and Microwave physical therapy, sterilization of medical waste, coagulation, diagnostics).

Keywords: slow-wave structure, interaction, impedance conductor, electromagnetic wave, thermal treatment, physiotherapy.