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Comparison of objective methods of assessing quality of digital images


A. V. Kokoshkin, V. A. Korotkov, K. V. Korotkov, E. P. Novichihin

Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS, Fryazino Moscow reg.


The paper is received on June 16, 2015 


Abstract. A common cause of infringement of quality of functioning of electronic equipment is the influence of electromagnetic interference on the power supply network. The secondary source of power electronic equipment with new technical solutions aimed at reducing electromagnetic interference influencing through power supply network are reviewed by. The results of experimental studies of reduce electromagnetic interference are presented. The reported study was supported by RFBR, research project No. 14-01-31108  ěîë_a”.

Keywords: electronic equipment, computing equipment, electromagnetic interference, power supply network, electromagnetic compatibility, noise immunity, information security, experiment.