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Research of spectrum of output signal of amplifier on the basis of phase-stable travelling-wave tube (TWT)


V. V. Demin 1, E. M. Ilina 1, A. G. Kudryashov 2, B. K. Sivyakov 2

1 Stock Company “Research-and-Production Enterprise “Almaz”

2 Saratov State Technical University naimed by Gagarin Yu.A.


The paper is received on May 26, 2015 


Abstract. Results of calculation and measurements of intensity of modulation oscillations and spectrum of pulse-modulated output signal of amplifier on a basis of a new kind of microwave device – phase-stable travelling wave tube (TWT) are given. Advantages of these amplifiers over common ones in a spectrum of output signal are shown; questions of optimization of operating modes and characteristics of these devices are discussed.

Keywords: microwave amplifier, phase-stable TWT, modulation and out-of-band oscillations.