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Analysis of auto-modulation phenomena in the system of connected magnetic and elastic oscillators on the basis of potential model


A. P. Ivanov 1, V. G. Shavrov 2, V. I. Shcheglov 2

1 Syktyvkar State University, Syktyvkar, Russia

2 Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Moscow, Russia


The paper is received on June 7, 2015 


Abstract. The nonlinear forced vibrations of magnetization and elastic displacement in normal magnetized ferrite plate having magnetoelastic properties are investigated. The task is transformed to model system of two connected oscillators having two and a half freedom degree.  Two classes of between-oscillator connection – through variable quantities and through derivatives are investigated . For the connection through variable quantities it is found the cubic potential with potential barrier. The excitation of auto-modulated vibrations is investigated. It is created the model of phase delay which explains the auto-modulation phenomenon by small velocity of oscillator near the top of potential barrier. The conditions of excitation of two-amplitude and quasi-chaotic vibrations and also the motion of system to infinity are investigated.

Key words: magnetoelastic interaction, nonlinear vibrations, auto-modulation regime.