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Spectroscopic study of bismuth centers in aluminosilicate optical fibers

 L. I. Bulatov*, V. M. Mashinsky**, V. V. Dvoyrin**, A. P. Sukhorukov*

* M.V. Lomonosov Moscow state University, Faculty of physics
** Fiber optics research center, Russian
Academy of sciences

 Received March 18, 2009

The shape and spectral position of luminescence bands in bismuth-doped aluminosilicate optical fibers was shown to depend on the excitation wavelength that confirms multicomponent structure of red and infrared luminescence. Absorption and luminescent transitions were defined and the energy level scheme was improved within the model of three modifications of the same bismuth center caused by different environments in a network of aluminosilicate glass. The possibility of the growth of red and infrared luminescence intensity of bismuth centers in aluminosilicate optical fibers under the exposure to 514, 532 and 244 nm laser radiation was shown for the first time. Hydrogen loading followed by the laser irradiation results in further increase of infrared luminescence.