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Comparison of circular polarization antennas with different feeding circuits

S. Bankov1, A. Davydov2, K. Papilov1

1Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS
2Moscow Design Bureau "Compas"

Received March 2, 2010

Abstract. Three feeding circuits for circular polarization antenna: circuit with one feeding element, circuit with two feeding elements and lossless power divider, circuit with two feeding elements and balanced power divider are considered. Feeding circuits and antennas on their base are compared by three indexes of quality: operating frequency range, minimal gain in the range, minimal axial ratio in the range. Methods of multi-criteria optimization are used for antennas comparison. Pareto pluralities in space of quality indexes for all the considered antennas are obtained. Equivalence of circuit with one feeding element and circuit with two feeding elements and lossless power divider is demonstrated.

 Keywords: printed antenna, feeding circuit, circular polarization antenna.