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Broadband distributed filter for supercoducting nanobolometers

A. F. Kuzmin, O. V. Koryukin, S. V. Shitov, A. G. Kovalenko

Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

Received February 16, 2011


Abstract We report the developed concept, fabrication technology and experimental studies of the new distributed broadband low-pass filter for cryogenic nanobolometers with the bandwidth 0.1 - 20 GHz based on a combination of an integral thin-film capacitor with damping transmission line based on a manganine twisted pair. Attenuation reached 50 dB at 1 GHz and 80 dB at 20 GHz, which is the same as in the best world analogues, but fabrication is more simple and repeatable when using technology cycle that is compatible with the technology of cryogenic nanobolometers.

Key words: cryogenic filter, superconducting bolometer, thin-film capacitor.