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The matching filtration of noisy discrete quaternion signals

Y. A. Furman, I. L. Egoshina, R. V. Eruslanov
Mari-El State Technical University, Yoshkar-Ola

 Received March 12, 2012

Abstract. The main analytical relationships of matched filtration of discrete quaternion signals are obtained. The spectral component decomposition effect for filtered signal is disclosed. The mechanism of output signal forming at matched and non-matched filtration of these signals is investigated. The example of group point object images discriminating from matched filtration results of discrete quaternion signals are shown.

Keywords: discrete complex valued signal, discrete quaternion signal, uniform energy spectrum, ideal correlate properties, unitary vector space, quaternion vector space, elementary contour, composition contour, phase-coded signal processing, cyclic matched filtration, "by S-step incremental summing" algorithm.