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Equivalent circuit of Josephson junction with integrated antenna in terahertz frequency band

O. Yu. Volkov 1, V. N. Gubankov 1, I. I. Gundareva 1, Yu. Ya. Divin 2, V. V. Pavlovskiy 1

1 Kotelínikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

2 Research Center Juelich, Juelich, Germany

Received March 19, 2013


Abstract: A method for calculation of static characteristics of Josephson junction coupled with external electromagnetic resonant system and a computer program based on it are presented. Resistively shunted model is used for description of Josephson junction. Resonant system is presented by an equivalent circuit, which consists of an arbitrary number of RLC circuits. Thermal fluctuations of normal electron currents are taken into account in calculations. Simulation of the junction, which is strongly coupled with a resonator, was performed, and IV-curve features related with parametric resonance were obtained at various temperatures.

Key words: superconductivity, Josephson junction.