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Study of the ocean-atmosphere interaction with the microwave radiometric means of the satellites EOS Aqua and Meteor-M No. 1


A. G. Grankov1, A. A. Milshin1, N. K. Shelobanova1, I. V. Cherny2, G. G. Jazeryan3

1Kotel`nikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of RAS
Scientific and Technological Center “Kosmonit”, Russian Space Systems Corporation
Russian Space Systems Corporation


The paper is received on March 12, 2014


Abstract. Some original results of studies of ocean/atmosphere heat and dynamic interaction in the North Atlantic derived from US satellite EOS Aqua with radiometer AMSR-E and Russian satellite Meteor-M No.1 equipped by radiometer MTVZA-G are presented. A capability of these means for analyzing the monthly mean fluxes of heat, moisture and momentum at the ocean-atmosphere boundary and their seasonal variability is demonstrated. These studies are carried out basing on the archives of long-term satellite measurement data accumulated in IRE RAS under support of the Roscosmos and NASA organizations.

Keywords: Satellite microwave radiometry, brightness temperature, system ocean-atmosphere, heat, moisture and impulse fluxes.