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Determination of fast moving low contrast object position in noisy image


A. P. Treshchalin, I. S. Osadchiy, V. P. Bogdanov

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)


The paper is received on March 13, 2014


Abstract. The problem of determining the position of a fast moving object in a noisy image obtained using the CCD is considered. Application of Radon transform allows to select the motion path. Fourier transformation of autocorrelation along the trajectories obtained allows to find the speed in the image plane. Using this speed and taking into account features of CCD it is possible to construct the motion model. Maximum correlation is the initial position of the object. A model of the system is worked-out, which permits to obtain estimates of achievable accuracy of the object location at different signal/noise ratios.

Keywords: fast moving object, a noisy image, Radon transform, autocorrelation, cross-correlation, the computer model.