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Research and minimization of aberrations in Shwarzschild symmetric two-mirror systems


V. A. Kaloshin, E. V. Frolova

Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS


The paper is received on March 12, 2015


Abstract. Results of research of aberrations in Sńhwarzschild symmetric two-mirror systems with use of ray tracing technique are presented. The algorithm of analysis and minimization of aberrations of inclined meridional and sagittal rays in the focus area with considering highest orders aberrations is proposed. The dependences of scattering spot radius on parameters of mirror system to determine parameters with providing the maximum angles of view are received. The examples of mirror system optimization and scanning characteristics  calculated using method of physical optics are given. The results of optimization obtained with use of physical optics and ray tracing technique are compared.

Key words: symmetric two-mirror systems, multibeam antennas, Sńhwarzschild aplanatic system, minimization of aberrations.