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Synthesis and optimization of subsectional polynomial E‑pulse for target discrimination based on natural resonances


D. V. Filimonova, T. Ya. Shevgunov

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)


The paper is received on March 22, 2015


Abstract: In this paper, the foundation of E-pulse (extinction pulse) method is considered as a possible way to design a target discrimination scheme using reflected responses for wideband electromagnetic incident pulse. The synthesis procedure of subsectional maximally smooth polynomial E-pulse appears to assume the equation taken for the number of sections, the number of natural resonances and the used polynomial order. In accordance with discrimination system structure, the E-pulse discrimination number dependency on section width and polynomial order is investigated. The results of statistical simulation for the two target problem show that E-pulse built for optimal parameters preserves enough discriminating potential for low signal-to-noise ratio.

Key words: E-pulse, extinction pulse, SEM, natural resonances, radar target discrimination, digital signal processing.