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Evaluation of the signal-to-noise ratio in satellite communication systems

. . Silantyev 1,2, V. G. Patyukov 2,  E. V. Patyukov 2, V. A. Shatrov 1,2

1 JSC "Information satellite systems" named after academician M.F. Reshetnev

2 Institute of Engineering Physics and Radioelectronics, Siberian Federal University


The paper is received on February 27, 2015


Abstract: The problems of research of a new method for estimating signal-to-noise ratio are considered.  The method is based on the analysis of the statistical characteristics of the peaks of random processes used to improve the accuracy and noise immunity of the channel of communication, as well as to optimize the hardware command-measuring satellite communications systems.

Key words: command-measuring system, the ratio signal/noise, characteristics of random processes.