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Solution of the problem “detection - range measurement” for low-mobility objects by methods of active correlation


S. V. Shostak 1, E. N. Baklanov 2, P. A. Starodubtcev 3, A. P. Shevchenko 3

1 Far Eastern Federal University

2 Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University

3 Pacific Higher Naval School S.O. Makarov


The paper is received on February 28, 2015


Abstract: In this article we consider the possibility of providing the necessary resolution in range  of a sonar due to encoding pulses through broadband modulation, as opposed to a change in their duration. This provides more efficient use of a transmitter power and a high noise immunity. We propose a method of active correlation processing of echo signals received from multiple targets and 
overlapping in time, the essence of which is to convert the temporary shift of the signal into the
 frequency signal and to use the reference signal, which depends on the parameters of the pulse and the band of the measured range.

Key words: conar, range resolution, correlation processing of signal, linear frequency modulation, reference signal.