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Aclock digitization of ultrashort pulses in the hybrid system of radiophotonic sensing


I. F. Budagyan, M. S. Kostin

Moscow Technological University (MIREA)

 The paper is received on February 21, 2016


Abstract. The principles of a high-speed aclock digitization of the pulses subnanosecond range within the boundaries of infrared laser and radiofrequency range are considered. It is shown that the strobe-frame-sampling technology allows high-speed, spatial and temporal resolution to restore the shape of the energy profile of the pulse in the time domain. Features of forming energy pulse profile provide information about the radiophysical, thermophysical and spectrochemical properties of irradiated objects or environments by indirectly received pulse or the spectral characteristics, without resorting to a complex frequency conversion UWB signal in the input path of the receiving radio-optical device are allowed.

Key words: high-speed aclock digitization, strobe-frame-sampling, radiophotonic sensing, ultrashort pulses.